The National Center on Family Homelessness

2.5 million children in America - one in every 30 children - go to sleep without a home of their own each year. 
They are America's Youngest Outcasts.

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America's Youngest Outcasts documents the number of homeless children in every state, their well-being, their risk for child homelessness, and state level planning and policy efforts. Using findings from numerous sources that include well-established national data sets as well as our own research, we rank the states in four domains, and then develop a composite of these domains to rank the states from 1 (best) to 50 (worst). A page about the District of Columbia is also available.           

By rolling over each of the states in the map below, you can open and download the state page from the report that displays some of the key data used in ranking each state.

The complete report is available for download.

Information for members of the media can be downloaded here.

MINNESOTA1Download Here
NEBRASKA2Download Here
IOWA4Download Here
NEW JERSEY5Download Here
VERMONT6Download Here
HAWAII9Download Here
MAINE10Download Here
MARYLAND11Download Here
CONNECTICUT12Download Here
WYOMING13Download Here
NORTH DAKOTA14Download Here
VIRGINIA15Download Here
MONTANA16Download Here
SOUTH DAKOTA17Download Here
WISCONSIN18Download Here
RHODE ISLAND19Download Here
WASHINGTON20Download Here
UTAH21Download Here
KANSAS22Download Here
ALASKA23Download Here
IDAHO24Download Here
ILLINOIS25Download Here
OREGON26Download Here
OHIO27Download Here
COLORADO28Download Here
INDIANA30Download Here
MISSOURI31Download Here
WEST VIRGINIA32Download Here
FLORIDA33Download Here
DELAWARE34Download Here
NEW YORK35Download Here
MICHIGAN37Download Here
LOUISIANA38Download Here
TEXAS39Download Here
GEORGIA40Download Here
TENNESSEE41Download Here
KENTUCKY42Download Here
OKLAHOMA43Download Here
NEVADA44Download Here
ARIZONA45Download Here
NEW MEXICO46Download Here
ARKANSAS47Download Here
CALIFORNIA48Download Here
MISSISSIPPI49Download Here
ALABAMA50Download Here
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