About the Campaign

The National Center on Family Homelessness

The National Center on Family Homelessness launched the Campaign to End Child Homelessness in 2009 to ensure that not one child in America goes to sleep for one night without a home.

The Campaign is reaching out to state and local officials, policymakers, families, communities, advocates, service providers and the media to galvanize public and political will to end child homelessness in America.  We believe it unacceptable for any child in the United States to be homeless.   

The Campaign is working to:           

  • Increase public awareness of the scope and impact of homelessness on children and their families.

  • Inform federal and state policies and plans to better address the needs of homeless children.        

  • Improve programs and services to meet the unique needs of homeless children and families.         

The Campaign's legacy will be that all children who are homeless will have stable housing, vital support services, and the same opportunities available to more fortunate children.  We cannot lose a generation of children to this national tragedy.

The National Center on Family Homelessness is an affiliate of the American Institutes for Research beginning October 1, 2012.